Good Husband Muslim Wazifa

Good Husband Muslim Wazifa, First of all you must have faith and dependence on the Supreme to get a good life. Therefore you must follow the rules of regular Duas to show devotion. Most noteworthy thing is wazifas are nothing but specific kind of Duas which light your selfish sides.



According to prophet Mohamed Dua is the path to show your complete devotion to supreme. Therefore you can find different Duas like thanksgiving, gratitude-making in Koran. Furthermore Duas require only special time and pose to touch almighty. In most cases you must sit in Wudu pose for your Duas. Especially relevant is Wazifas follow certain rituals for success.

Good Husband Muslim Wazifa

So you are looking for Wazifas to get suitable husband? You must do regular Duas to open the path to almighty. Most noteworthy thing is you must not forget all-purpose Duas during the Ramjan month. Try to pray on Friday especially between afternoons to sunset. According to Muslim prophecy this is very auspicious because supreme comes to touch earth then. Furthermore your regular Duas can make your Wazifas quick success.

Regular Duas are the path opener of spiritualism. But you should be clear about your preferences as husband. What is good husband for you? Probably you mean a rich husband. May be your story is a mature one. It seems like you are asking old love back in relationship.

Probably you need control over your husband’s anger. Well, of course Wazifas can help you. But before you try some you must remember that old Muslim school defines Wazifa as greedy prayer. Furthermore some Wazifas with certain utterance have difficult consequences. According to some experiments some words in a Wazifa can change water in crystal.

So you first try your Duas and then put your hand on Wazifas. There is one strong Wazifa to help you remove all obstructions. The hassles include bad luck /delay in marriage, confusion in marriage proposals etc. First of all do Darood for 11 times and then chant Hir Rahman for 1000 times. Finally repeat Darood for 11 times. Most noteworthy thing is you can try this in your period also.

Good Husband Muslim Wazifa

You should do your regular Duas with the above Wazifa. The powerful Wazifa will remove all your problems with protective eye. According to the prophets you will see the clear success in your dreams. Dreams are special after the Wazifa night because almighty send his/her angels to send messages in dreams. So increase your knowledge of dream interpretation according to Muslim culture.

May be you need instant result. So you must chant Rahman for 12000 times per day. You will get your dream soon. So you are that practical woman who searches a rich husband. To attract someone rich collect a red string of your loved one height and make 7 strings from it.

Now chant Muzamil Surah for 41 times while tying a knot of it. Finally chant the same for another 41 times. You rich guy will knock your door soon. To get quick access to your rich guy’s heart you should burn the knot in fire and offer some drink made from the same. Furthermore you can apply one quick remedy for attraction.

Good Husband Muslim Wazifa

Collect your nails, pubic hair and hair from underarms and mix the same in his food to get quick access to his heart. Another important way to get old love back is the application of Wazifa from Koran. Pray all the times and chant Istagees Dua until you get him back.

May be you want to get a loyal husband. Chant Darood while you cook and serve him. You must chant this in your heart. Furthermore give food to the poor every Thursday. This wazifa will change your husband into a loyal one. So you smell the presence of third person in relationship.

Probably you are frustrated with everyday quarrels. Well, the following will certainly help you. First of all bath in a bath tub and collect the water. Next in a new moon take some of it and chant Ahad surah for 1100 times. Make your wish while blowing your breath in it after every 100 times. Finally offer him the water and he will only love you.

Another effective Wazifa to get love back is the HusaMad prayer. Start your rituals on the 13th day of a month. The day must be a full moon. Now make incense water. Mix some Saffron and sandal oil in rose-water. Finally chant Husa Mad for 1000 times while stirring the water with ring finger.

Good Husband Muslim Wazifa

Offer your husband the water for 7 days to get him back completely. Probably he is not in third person but he is busy. You want the rosy spark back just like old days. Try the Wazifa after Zohar prayer in a full moon. First of all light a rose or lavender incense in front of you. Next recite Fatiha Surah aloud for 101 times for 11 days.

The good result will come in threshold on the end of 2ndor 3rdweek. You can try one Urdu wazifa for strong love in conjugal life. Recite Budoho from the Urdu moon chart for 3100 times. Continue the same for 41 days. Especially relevant thing is you must avoid intercourse and red meat during the ritual. You will get a cooperative and sharing husband.

So your husband is the perfect example of the angry Alfa male in the clan. Well, you can resolve the issue using Wazifa also. Make a sweet dish while icing it with saffron. Now chant Supreme’ 99 names for 7 times and blow on the same each time. Finally offer him the sweet and share them.

Good Husband Muslim Wazifa

Remember the Wazifa will not work if you do not eat from the same plate. Successful completion of the ritual will bring changed husband. The anger controlled therapy will work instantly with the blessed sweets of almighty.Try another effective Wazifa. Recite Zilzal Surah and make 7 knots of both of your hair. Finally throw the same in running water to get everlasting love.