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Wazifa For Problems In Marriage

, ” We know very well that, Marriage is the best event of every person’s life and every person want to get better life partner to their marriage. This Powerful wazifa have the full solution ofall marriage related issues and problems. After reading this wazifa everyone get a best recitation for their marriage life. In this modern time, all people want to do marriage to their desire person. In other word they want to do marriage with their choice.Wazifa For Problems In MarriageIf you are having problems in yourMarriagefor example:Your husband is beating you or making illegal demandsIf Your husband / wife is having a haram relationship with someoneYour husband / wife have left youYour husband / wife refuse to come back to youif Your husband /wife are not fulfilling their rightful duties orfor any kind of marital problems please do this wazifa until you see a dream. You will see a clear dream andsomeone will tell you if your wish has been granted by Sheikh Abdul qadir Jilani (RA).Every night after Esha Salah atthe same place and time, read 1000 times …..”Ya Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Sheyin lillah”Darood/Salawat 10 times before and after. (for arabic version click here)While reading it think of your hajat. His name acts as Isim-e-Azam.After finishing the wazifa do not do a dua as during the wazifa you have been thinkingof it. You are asking him for help.You cannot do this wazifa at any other time. For women, during periods please stop doing it and then restart it after the periods. Duration for the wazifa is until you see the dream.

Wazifa For Marriage

After finishing Juma Salah sitting at the same place read…Darood/Selavat 11 times“Ya Vadudo” (Allahs name) 3125 timesDarood/Selavat 11 timesDo this every Juma only. Women can do it at home.Most people who did this wazifa got married in 3 weeks.

Wazifa To Solve Problems In Marriage

Darood/Salavat 11 timesSurah Mumtahina 7 timesDarood/Salavat 11 times..thendo a dua.Do this for 41 days. Inshallah you will get married within 41 days.Continueeven if you getmarried. You must complete 41 days. that is the condition of this wazifa.