Inshallah the person who used to read this wazifa daily got plenty of blessings: Like inshallah all, his/her problems and difficulties will solve sooner, etc. As all these kind of related to the person. If not, anyone loves with you then read the following: 11 times Darood, 786 times full Bismillah, 11 times Darood and make it continues for 7 days.

Strong Wazifa for Love

Strong Wazifa for Love

“La ilaaha illallaahu,Subhanallaahil Azeemi WA Bi-ham-dehe ‘Ada-da Khal-Qehe, Astagfirullaaha WA A-tubu e-laih”

For strong Wazifa for getting love marriage Islam gives some instruction in Urdu, which is followed below you, can do it any time of the day:
1. Wear pure (Paak Saaf) clothes.
2. Make fresh wudu.
3. Firstly, after completing the morning prayer of Fajar, read 61 times Ayat #73-74 above the Surah #3 Ale Imran Quran-e-Kareem.
4. Secondly, completing after noon prayer of Zohar, read 71 times Ayat #73-74 above the Surah #3 Ale Imran Quran-e-Kareem.
5. Thirdly, completing after the late noon prayer of Assar, read 81 times Ayat #73-74 above the Surah #3 Ale Imran Quran-e-Kareem.
6. Fourthly, after completing the late evening prayer of Maghrib, read 91 times Ayat #73-74 above the Surah #3 Ale Imran Quran-e-Kareem.
7. Fifthly, after completing the night prayer of Insha, read 101 times Ayat #73-74 above the Surah #3 Ale Imran Quran-e-Kareem.
You will continue with this method until you got favorable results. Insulate your prey (Dua) will be completed sooner, Amen.
“Bismillah Hirrahman Nirraheem”
“Sallallaahu Ala Muhammad Sallallaahu Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam”
Every one of us knows that what is the importance of a husband in his wife’s life and what is the importance of a wife in husband’s life. They both are two wheels of vehicle of life, which can only drive by them further together for their brighter future. Today’s we can see that most relationships between husband and wife are not going so well, sometimes misunderstanding and love is the reason of creating many kinds of problem between them. Wazifa is the most suitable way to get love in married life.

Therefore, there is a powerful wazifa to solve the problem or overcome the effect of dispute and increase lovebetween husband and wife, but you should read it once daily. For marvelous result read it after Zohar or Maghrib. Due to some conflicts sometimes, you lost your dream love, but there is also a strong wazifa to get your love back again. We know that if someone loses his/her beautiful love, then he/she wants to get his/her love/ex-love/lost love back again sooner as much as possible. Wazifa for getting your love again will get a chance to bring your love with you sooner and happily so that further life getting in good mode with full of ease. Love is a feeling, which touches our heart, and soul with full emotions and person get emotional for that. The emotional touch, dedication towards each other, understanding when created between two persons, and then feeling of love come in the seen. When you lost your love, your heart and mind not in your control and you missed it totally.

You want to get your love back again in your life and want to live again as a lovebird couple. If you facing these kind of problems about your lost love, then do not feel helpless and frustrate you are here because god wants to be you are, and we are here to provide you a strong Wazifa to get back your love again in life service. We know that in our country love marriage have to face many problems before marriage and after marriage also. Because wazifa is anIslamic word and if you are comfortable with Urdu language, then wazifa become more powerful to you and get marvelous results sooner. Before you start, any wazifa check that Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Aleah) would approve it personally. Wazifa is an amazing and grateful effect, it is a recipe to create love between two.