Lost love back Wazifa +91-9672378978

Wazifa is the technique of astrology that is used to solve mundane problems. There are different types of wazifas for many purposes like for lovers, lost love back Wazifa is required. For married couple, they need wazifa for relationships etc. One should read it only like a chapter for specific period of time and he or she will become trouble-free. But, difficulty is to find right wazifas otherwise it will create negative effects on persons.

Wazifa for lost love back is offered by our expert astrologers at Islamic Wazifas. This type of astrology service can’t be implemented by any technical process so only experienced astrologers, babaji can produce it. Those astrologers who live their life to serve humanity, can implement this process easily and we are the one of them. We have done devotion for many years to get the knowledge of this process and use our astrology knowledge to serve our clients.

Process of lost love Wazifa: –

  • On Thursday do upvas.
  • On Thursday night after midnight wake, make Voodoo prayer for two raat.
  • Take a piece of paper and write below lines:فَإِن تَوَلَّوْاْ فَقُلْ حَسْبِيَ اللّهُ لا إِلَـهَ  إِلاَّ هُوَ عَلَيْهِ
    تَوَكَّلْتُ وَهُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ
  • Perform it thirty times and each time you chant it by saying this dua given as follow:
    اللهُمَّ أَعْطِفْ قَلْبَ فُلانِ بْنِ فُلانَة عَلَى فُلانة بِنتِ فُلانة
  • Allahumma Tiff qalbi Falanaa [name of beloved] ibn/binti Fulani [his/her mother’s name] ale Falanaa [your name] ibn/binti Falanaa [your mother’s name]
    If name of his/her mother is not defined say Hawwa’ حَوَّاء
  • Carefully wrap it up and hang it on your right shoulder like a Taabij.

Lost love back spell

Our astrologers also serve the service of lost love back spell to desired persons. The only thing from our side you need to follow that the direction about using spells which will be shared by us for you. You have to enchant our spells for a particular time duration and it will be beneficial to increase the love between both the partners who are in the love.

Our spell for lost love back will offer you the power to bear the heart broken condition easily. If your ex or past boyfriend (or girlfriend) is not ready to make the relationship with you then you can try our mantra spell as good remedies. You will have full possession over him/her. Breaking up with a love partner is typical situation to face and we pray Allah that no one will face these types of sad situations in the life. If it happens, then you have an option to solve this by our astrologers.

Process of using lost love spell: –

You have to take following things for this spell: –

  • A thick white candle
  • Photograph of your lost lover
  • Two teary drops of your eyes
  • Handkerchief of white color

How to cast spell?

  • Light thick white candle at midnight and bring close to this candle
  • Shed some tear drops from your eyes this is holding of emotions of yours and drop this tear on the photograph of your lost love and apply this tears on the whole body of picture.

“I having love like you by mine side because you see to really essential for me, for the affection that we had one time had we wish that our love be born-again”.

Now light the candle until it be consumed fully and collect the melted wax. The handkerchief tied with the picture and must be placed in small red box. You have also put red color flowers in the box up to 3 Tuesday.

Lost love back dua

Contact our astrologers right now and ask them for the lost love back dua that is holy in nature and 100% effective. We consider that love is the gift of God and if you are in a love then you are lucky in this world. But, if you are suffering from relationship and love issues then without hesitation, call our best astrologer at his personal mobile number 09057445257. Our Islamic dua for love back is for only those lovers who want the love from whom they love the most.

Share the cause of your sadness with us and demand holy dua for lost love back in Hindi. We will pray for you to the God in the form of dua by applying some mantras and spells to make it more powerful. Islamic Dua is the perfect way to send your voice of heart directly to the Allah so it is 100% effective way to fulfill your desires. Different types of Ayat is in the existence in the Quran to solve many problems.

Daarood Sharif Mantra for lost love back in Urdu: –

Allah Hummaa Salle Ale Saiyyadana Muhaammadin

Nu-Ril Anwaari Was Siril Asrar-re Wa Saiyye Dil-ab-rar

दारूद शरीफ मंत्र: –

अल्लाह हुम्मा सल्ले अले सैय्यदना मुहम्मदिन

नु-रील अनवारी वास् सिरिल असरार-रे व सैय्य दिल-अब-रार।

Process of implementing this dua for love at home: –

  • Recite Daarood Sharif initially.
  • Chant one thousand times “ Bismilla-e-Alwasaoo Jallaah Jallalluhoo”
  • Read eleven times daarood Sharif
  • Prayer to Allah that your lover will come back.

To know more about our dua of love, contact our astrologers right now and get knowledge of it.

Kisi ki Shadi Rokne ka Wazifa +91-9672378978

Wazifa mean is the derived mean of sorcery which is introduced by us for those who are not finding any solutions of their problems. We approached one of the simplest mean that will enable the implementer with the powers of hypnotizing, implementer will be able to direct the victim for the fulfillment of his/her desires and the target person have no other option apart from following you or obeying you, this solution won’t make any pressure on the victim, instead everything happen in his/her life with the consent nothing will be illegal or unethical there since you will be able to customise the thoughts of mind and feed it with as per your premises. You will be capable to get your control over mind and thoughts of the victim. We are having the abundance of Wazifa each one is suited for your problems and desires, no matter whether it is about the Kisi ki shadi rokne ka Wazifa or some other problems related to wealth, money or financial issues you will be having in life. Our given services will be take around two days to bring the results for you. You don’t have to bother about the results as you would not be the first, a lot of other human having any sort of mundane troubles are getting fix for the same.

Kisi ki Shadi Rokne ka Wazifa

About Shaadi ka Wazifa in Hindi (Written in English)

Aisi bahut si paristithiya aati hai jeevan me jab aap apne pyaar ko paane se vanchit reh jaate hai yadi apne gharwale ke dabaav me aakar aapka lover kisi aur se shaadi kar raha hai to aise haalato me aap andar se tut jaate hai. Time ke sath sath aisi tasveere bhi saamne aayi hai jab rishte dirghkaalik sambando me change ho jaate hai aur aapko naukari, family, career ya anya sambandhit muddo ki wajah se kisi dusri jagah jaana padta hai. Baad me ye rishte me khataas ki wajah ban jaati hai aur aisi situation me aapka partner aapse dur ho jaata hai aur wahi feelings wah kisi aur ke liye mehsus karne lagta hai. Yadi aap nahi chahte ki aapka pyar kisi aur ke sath bate aur aap apne premi ke man me punah prem ki bhavna jagaana chahte hai to hamare diye gaye shadi ke wazifa use karke aap uske man me apne prem ke bij bo sakte hai.

Wazifa ka use jaadu tone ke maadhyam se aise logo ki help karne ke liye hota hai jinko har taraf se niraasha jhelni pad rahi hai. Hamare Molvi Ji apko ek aisa easy wazifa available karwaate hai jise implement karke aap kisi ko bhi hypnotize kar sakte hai, mantra shaktiyo ke prabhaav se wah vyakti puri tarah se aapke vash me ho jaata hai aur uske pass aapka aadesh maanane ke alawa aur koi vikalp shesh nahi rehta.

There might be several causes because of which you might be deprived of your love, or might be in relationship but your lover is getting married with somebody else due to any sort of reasons. Most of the time such situations come into picture when relationship turns into long term relationship where one of you from both have to decide to shift to some other place because of study, job, family or some other related issues. Later on these distances will be working as fade of love in your relationship bonding, there will be a moment might be didn’t fade your relationship but now your partner will not be willing to move ahead with you the same feelings invoked in his/her heart for someone else and getting married to him/her. And if you don’t want the same then you can make use of Kisi ki shadi rokne ka Wazifa that will revoke love for you in your partner and he/she will approach you back to continue relationship with you. The Wazifa which we will be giving to you is very effective i relationship concerns, you should use this powerful Wazifa and get the result in two days after the completion of implementation. This is the feedback which we acquired from those human who get our shared Wazifa implemented for their relationship troubles.

किसी की शादी रोकने का वजीफा

ऐसी बहुत सी परिस्थितियाँ आती हैं जीवन में जब आप अपने प्यार को पाने से वंचित रह जाते हैं। यदि अपने घरवाले के दबाव में आकर आपका प्यार किसी और से शादी कर रहा है तो ऐसे हालातों में आप अंदर से टूट जाते हैं। समय के साथ साथ ऐसी तस्वीरें भी सामने आती है जब रिश्ते दीर्घकालिक सम्बन्धों में परिवर्तित हो जाते हैं और आपको नौकरी, परिवार, व्यवसाय या अन्य संबन्धित मुद्दों की वजह से किसी दूसरी जगह जाना पड़ता है। बाद में ये रिश्ते में खटास की वजह बन जाती है और किसी स्थिति में आपका साथी आपसे दूर हो जाता है और वही भावनाएं वो किसी और के लिए महसूस करने लगता है। यदि आप नहीं चाहते हैं कि आपका प्यार किसी और के साथ विभाजित हो और आप अपने प्रेमी के मन में पुनः प्रेम की भावना जगाना चाहते हैं तो हमारे दिये गए शादी के वजीफा को उपयोग करके आप उसके मन में अपने प्रेम के बीज़ बो सकते हैं।

वजीफा का उपयोग जादू टोने के माध्यम से ऐसे लोगों की मदद करने के लिए होता है जिनको हर तरफ से निराशा झेलनी पद रही है। हमारे मौलवी जी आपको एक ऐसा सरल वजीफा उपलब्ध करवाते हैं जिसे प्रयोग करके आप किसी को भी सम्मोहित कर सकते हैं। मंत्र शक्तियों के प्रभाव से वो व्यक्ति पूरी तरह से आपके वश में हो जाता है और उसके पास आपका आदेश मानने के अलावा कोई विकल्प शेष नहीं रहता।

Almost all the relationship problems will be resolved once you are having your control on your  partner, once it is done then no matter who else is interfering in your relationship but you will be able to come over from that as you are having the process of Kisi ki shadi ko rokne ka Wazifa, to have this mean in your life you will never be asked to make your involvement in any kind of magical activities and you don’t have to drag anything which will make you defame in the society, this will be the purest mean about which no one will be able to know about that. You just have to wait for the very short span of time for the completion of the Wazifa. Everything will be taken care by us, as you will be sharing your request to us we will implement the entire process for you and update once it got completed and you only have to taste the expected outcome from this mean.

Shaadi rokne ka Urdu Wazifa: –

“Rabbana innaka jami Aau alnnaasi liyaawmin laa raybaa feehi inna Allha laa yukhlifu almeeaada”

Process (Vidhi) for shaadi ka wazifa in Hindi (शादी वजीफा की विधि): –

“हर शुक्रवार के दिन नमाज़ पढ़ने के बाद सुरह अल इमरान की आयत क्रमांक 9 को 313 मर्तबा पढ़ें। शुरुआत और अंत में दारूद ए इब्राहिमी को 7 बार पढ़ें। आपका प्रेमी तुरंत आपसे शादी करने के लिए राज़ी हो जाएगा।”

Apna khoya hua pyar hasil karne ka wazifa+91-9672378978

It is really hard to get love again after the break up with lover. To gain lover once again, you have to win his or her trust in their heart for you & it is possible by showing your love in front of lover. Our apna khoya pyar hasil karne ka wazifa will help you in this condition.

We know that without your self-confidence to win love again, our astrologers can’t do anything. So, with the power of apna pyar pane ka strong wazifa, you can perform your desired tasks easily without taking help of anyone. Try our pyar badhane ka wazifa in simple English, Hindi or Urdu languages and improve your love.

Apna khoya hua pyaar hasil karne ka powerful Wazifa Hindi me

Apne khoye hue pyar ko paane ki ichha har vyakti ke man me hoti hai. Premi se algaav hone ke baad pyar ko vastavik roop se paana kathin ho jaata hai, aise me sabse jyada mahatavpurna ho jaata hai ki aap ke liye unke dil me prem ki bhavna kaise jagrit ki jaaye, kaise unka vishwaas jeeta jaye. Apna pyar hasil karne ka Wazifa un nirash premiyo ke liye hai jinki zindagi pyar se mehroom hai aur wah apne pyaar ko dubaara paane ki khwahish rakhte hai.

Pyar ka Wazifa in Urdu: –

وَ‌أَ‌رْسَلَ عَلَيْهِمْ طَ‍‍يْر‌اً‌ ‌أَبَابِيلَ

(Waa Arsala Alaayhim Ţayran Abaabilla)

अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने का वज़ीफ़ा

अपने खोये हुए प्यार को पाने की इच्छा हर व्यक्ति के मन में होती है। प्रेमी से अलगाव होने के बाद प्यार को वास्तविक रूप से पाना कठिन हो जाता है, ऐसे में सबसे ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण हो जाता है की आप के लिए उनके दिल में प्रेम की भावना कैसे जागृत की जाए, कैसे उनका विश्वास जीता जाये। अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने का वज़ीफ़ा उन निराश प्रेमियों के लिए है जिनकी ज़िन्दगी प्यार से महरूम है और वह अपने प्यार को दुबारा पाने की ख्वाहिश रखते हैं।

वज़ीफ़ा: – वा रसाल अलैहिम तैरान अबाबिलला

Apna khoya pyar hasil karne ka tarika

To get your love again, you have to take our Apna khoya hua pyar hasil karne ka tarika from our astrologers at Islamic Wazifas. We offer upay & wazifa for love according to the requirement of our clients. Our astrology services are used in the condition when there was break up between two lovers.

All the love mantras are provided by our baba jis at Islamic Wazifas. So, contact us & take Apna khoya pyaar pane ka aasan tarika from us. This pyar ko pane ka upay is effective & you don’t need to consult about the solutions of your love problems because we are experts of these services.

Apna khoya hua pyaar hasil (prapt) karne ka tarika Hindi me

Apne khoye hue pyar ko hamare anubhavi Moulavi ji ki sahayta se puna prapt kare. Khoya pyar pane athwa hasil karne ka aasan Tarika ek asardar aur chamatkaari tareeka hai jo aapki har takleef ko dur karke aapki har muraad puri karne me aapki madad karta hai. Iske prabhav se aapka premi apni galti maankar aapse dubara prem sambhand banana ki iccha apke samaksh rakhta hai.

Pyar hasil karne ka tarika in Urdu: –

أَلَمْ تَرَى كَيْفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّكَ بِأَصْحَابِ الْفِيل

(Aalam Tara Kayfaa Faala Rabbukaa Biashabi Al-fil)

अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने का तरीका

अपने खोये हुए प्यार को हमारे अनुभवी मौलवी जी की सहायता से पुनः प्राप्त करें! खोया प्यार हासिल करने का तरीका एक असरदार और चमत्कारी तरीका हैं जो आपकी हर तकलीफ को दूर करके आपकी हर मुराद पूरी करने में आपकी मदद करता हैं। इसके प्रभाव से आपका प्रेमी अपनी गलती मानकर आपसे दुबारा प्रेम सम्बन्ध बनाने की इच्छा आपके समक्ष रखता है।

(आलम तारा कैफा फाल रब्बुका बिअसहाबि अल-फील)

Apna khoya pyar hasil karne ka totka

The totka for love offered at IslamicWazifas is also called as Apna khoya hua pyar hasil karne ka totkaor pyar ka totka. Once your implement this process of totka astrology, your love will start to love you again & left his or her current boyfriend (or girlfriend).

The lovers, who are facing love issues, here we have the Apna khoya pyaar pane ka totka for you. With the effect of our services, your lover will feel guilty about past break up & accept your love again. The implementation process is not so lengthy than any other astrology methods so, you can implement it properly within few days.

Pyar hasil karne ka totka Hindi me

Kya aap kisi aise totake ki talaash me hai jo aapke premi ko apki zindagi me dubara wapas lane mein aapki sahayata kare? Apne khoye pyaar ko hasil karne ka totka aapki har takleefo ko dur karke aapke premi se punah aapka Milan karwata hai. Yadi aapka saathi aapse naaraz hokar sabhi prem sambhand ko tod kar apse alag hone ka faisla karta hain aur aap uske is faisle se sehmat nahi hai aur use manana apke liye behad mushkil hai to turant humse sampark kijiye.

अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने का टोटका

क्या आप किसी ऐसे टोटके की तलाश में हैं जो आपके प्रेमी को आपकी ज़िन्दगी में दुबारा वापस लाने में आपकी सहायता करे? अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने का टोटका आपकी हर तकलीफों को दूर करके आपके प्रेमी से पुनः आपका मिलन करवाता है। यदि आपका साथी आपसे नाराज़ होकर सभी प्रेम संबंधों को तोड़ कर आपसे अलग होने का फैसला करता है और आप उसके इस फैसले से सहमत नहीं है और उसे मनाना आपके लिए बेहद मुश्किल है तो तुरंत हमसे संपर्क कीजिये।

Khoya pyar hasil (prapt) karne ka totka with process (प्यार हासिल करने की विधि): –

  • केले में गोरोचन का लेप मिलकर बनाये और इसे अपने सर पर लगाएं। ऐसा करने से व्यक्ति आकर्षक बन जाता है।
  • धतूरे के बीज, कपूर और नारियल को पीस लें और थोड़ा सा इसमें शहद मिलाएं।
  • नियमित रूप से इसका तिलक करके उस व्यक्ति के पास जायें।
  • ऐसा करने से वो व्यक्ति आपको छोड़कर कभी नहीं जायेगा।

Apna khoya pyar hasil karne ki Dua

Along with our wazifa, upay & totka for love solutions, our dua is also effective in comparison of these three. Our Apna khoya hua pyar hasil karne ki Dua is most effective than totka & wazifa because this include the some mantras of the God.

To get our Apna khoya pyaar pane ki Dua from our astrologers, you have to browse our website IslamicWazifas.com. We can also call this service as Muslim dua for love back in English language. So, get our love dua today from our experienced guru ji & increase the love between you & your lover.

Khoya hua pyar hasil karne ki achook dua Hindi me

Aise nirash premi jo pyar mein kai pareshaniyo ka saamna kar rahe hain wo hamare maulavi ji se ek baar aakar avashya miliye. Apne khoye pyar ko hasil karne ki dua behad hi saral aur upyogi Jyotish tareeka hain jiski madad se aapki pukaar sidhe Allah taala ke darbaar me pahuchti hai aur aapke sabhi dukho ka samadhan sambhav hain. Hamari sevao ke prabhav se aapka premi apne atteet ko lekar khud ko hi doshi manega aur fhir se apni zindagi me aapse naveen rishte staphit karke aapke pyaar ko swikaar karega.

Apne pyar ko hasil karne ki Urdu Dua: –

اللھم جا’لني مےهبوبن فی ملتي بی هققي یا بددوهو یا بددوهو

(ALLAHUMMA Jaalnee Mahboobin Fi miltee Bihaqqi Yaa Budduho -2)

अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने की दुआ

ऐसे निराश प्रेमी जो प्यार में कई परेशानियों का सामना कर रहे हैं वो हमारे मौलवी जी से एक बार आकर अवश्य मिलिए। अपना खोया प्यार हासिल करने की दुआ बेहद ही सरल और उपयोगी ज्योतिष तरीका है जिसकी मदद से आपकी पुकार सीधे अल्लाह ताला के दरबार में पहुचती है और आपके सभी दुःखों का समाधान संभव है। हमारी सेवाओं के प्रभाव से आपका प्रेमी अपने अतीत को लेकर खुद को ही दोषी मानेगा और फिर से अपनी ज़िन्दगी में आपसे नवीन रिश्ते स्थापित करके आपके प्यार को स्वीकार करेगा।

दुआ: – अल्लाहुम्मा जॉनी महबूबिन फि मिलती बिहक़्क़ी या बुद्दुहो -2

Dua for getting married to the one you love +91-9672378978

Love is the best feeling that is created by the God. Married to the one you love is the blessing of Allah. So, get Dua for getting married to the one you love now from our astrologers and live happy life. Getting married to a specific person without any problem is possible by mantras and duas. The whole issues you are facing in this concern will be resolved automatically by our astrology.

For dua to marry someone you love, you have to follow all the procedure provided by our experienced astrologers. You don’t need to think much about it because it is not difficult to implement it in your house. Tell us the name of your true lover and your marriage will be done without any trouble of parents. The most simplest and perfect ways of astrology are provided by our astrologers so that everyone can perform it easily.

Dua for getting married to the one you love in URDU: –




अपने प्यार से शादी करने की उर्दू दुआ (हिंदी में)

लकड़ जा-आकुम रसूलम मं अनफूसिकम

अज़ीज़उन अलैहि माँ अनित्तम हरिसुं

अलैकुम बिलमुमिनीना रॉफ़्फ़ूर रहीम।

Wazifa to bring back lost love

For your lost love you are not able to forget your about him/her, then it will be the end of your suffering. Wazifa to bring back lost love is there for you to get your lost love back in your life within a short span of time, it will be the perfect and simple mean for you to bring lost love back, whether he/she is your ex now, or if you are willing to be in a relationship with him/her. Under the influence Wazifa to bring back lost lovegiven to you, you will very easily getting him or her back in your life. This mean will help you in casting your possession over the victim under the influence of which you will be having him/her in your life as per your premises.

Wazifa to bring back lost love in Urdu: –


प्यार को पाने का उर्दू वज़ीफ़ा (हिंदी में): –

या अल्लाह या रहमान ता रहीम

वज़ीफ़ा को प्रयोग करने की विधि: –

अज़ान-इ-मग़रिब पर अपने मकसद को हासिल करने के लिए ये वज़ीफ़ा पढ़िए और लगातार 3-5 जूम तक इसे कीजिये। अल्लाह जल्द ही आपकी सभी ख्वाहिश पूरी करेंगे।

Getting your ex back with help of Muslim astrologer

Muslim astrologer deals with the moves of stars and planets so that you will be able to predict the status of your ex towards you, you can easily look back in your life to get your ex back by rectifying the mistakes were done in your relationship, by checking the astrology of your fate and you’re of your ex getting your ex back with help of Muslim astrologer will enable you to make your possession over the moves of your stars, and planets. The impact of this mean is powerful that you will be having the ability to direct them for their positions as per your instructions.

Muslim process of getting ex back: –

You will take these things:

  • A fresh piece of lemon
  • A piece of paper
  • A long ribbon

Take a pink piece of paper and after that write the name of your ex-lover along with your name and take a lemon piece and cut that lemon half piece. Fold piece of paper in such a way that name written on it are touching and sandwich them between pieces of lemon. Tied the red long ribbon across the lemon piece to hold all the things together as you are performing this imagine your ex comes back to you by closing your eyes.

How can I get my love back by cast spell that work for love

Spells for love are the best way for any human, if you are looking to have your love with you or you lost your from hands and want to have your love back in your life. One can cast spell by the shortest mean by taking the instructions, so you just make a contact and the best solution of your any troubles.

प्यार को पाने का जादू (उर्दू में): –

या वाजीद या मुजीबु

नोट: – यह एक चमत्कारी अमल है इसे जुम्मे की रत से वशुरु करके इतवार को ख़तम कर दें।

How to use #black #magic for #someone +91-9672378978

The Black magic is rehabilitation of power in favor of the persistence destroying person’s life and it is pure supremacy treatment. This type of magic are mostly used in India to find your love and you can marry with him/her and live happily forever by implementing this black magic.

Kala Jadu is done by magician or any human can practice it to harm other. It not include any power of devils or gods its’ just a practice of manipulation. It is based on 3 factors that are Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. By this magic you can unlock your dreams, your potential, can control your emotions, power and can improve your life according to you. You can make your dreams come true.

If you are in love with someone and the person is not interested in you, by learning how to use black magic for someone you can make the person love with you are he/she will start feeling for you. These types of magic is also done to spoil the life of the person to whom we hate and people use this practice to take revenge from others.

You also can do regular practice at any time of how to use black magic for someone when someone is standing in middle of your dreams and behaving like a solid barrier, to remove him from your path you can apply this spell on him.
Our suggestion, before doing this magic on someone you should know each and every consequences.

How to use black magic for someone

किसी केलिए काला जादू का प्रयोग कैसे करें?

लोगों का ऐसा मानना है कि काला जादू एक प्रभावी माध्यम है जिसकी सहायता से किसी भी व्यक्ति के जीवन को नष्ट किया जा सकता है। पर इस तरह के प्रयोग ज़्यादातर अपने प्यार को पाने और उससे शादी कर अच्छी जिंदगी व्यतीत करने के उद्देश्य से किए जाते हैं। यदि आप किसी से प्यार करते/करती हैं और वह व्यक्ति आपको महत्व नहीं देता तो आप इस काला जादू की अद्भुत प्रक्रिया का सहारा लेकर उसे अपनी प्यार की भावनाओं का अहसास करवा सकते/सकती हैं।

How to do kala jadu?

If you want to learn how to do Kala Jadu, we are here to guide you. You can apply this magic on anyone you want in your life and to gain the wealth ….. Whatever cases are. What you need to do is:-

  • Take a piece of lemon and cut it into two equal halves.
  • Go to the intersection of roads.
  • Turn your face in north side.
  • Through the lemon pieces in north and south side.

In these types of Kala Jadu you can do spell on water, clothes, hairs, food and offer them to the person you want to have control over it, by this you can make the person as your slave. But we suggest you before doing this spell on anyone think prior, because while taking any drink or eatable thing it mixed with your blood. And it is impossible to break it at the instance.

You can also post query of how to do Kala Jadu to find my love, my car, my gold etc.

काला जादू कैसे करते हैं?

काला जादू का उपयोग किसी भी अनुभवी ज्योतिषी या जादूगरों द्वारा किया जाता है। इसका इस्तेमाल अधिकतर किसी भी मानव को नुकसान पहुँचाने हेतु प्रयोग में लिया जाता रहा है। इसके जरिये आप अपने सपने, भावनाएँ और क्षमताओं को नियंत्रित कर सकते हैं और अपने जीवन में आश्चर्यजनक सुधार ला सकते हैं। यदि आप काला जादू सीखने के इच्छुक हैं तो हमारे विशेषज्ञ आपका मार्गदर्शन करने में आपका पूर्ण सहयोग करेंगे। आप इस कला का उपयोग जीवन के हर क्षेत्र हर कठिनाई से मुक्ति पाने हेतु कर सकते हैं।

Process of black magic in Hindi (काला जादू विधि): –

पहले एक नींबू लें और उसके दो भाग कर दें और इसे लेकर किसी भी चौराहे पर चले जायें और अपना मुँह उत्तर दिशा में करके नींबू का एक भाग उत्तर दिशा और दूसरा भाग दक्षिण दिशा में फेंक दीजिये और बिना पीछे मुड़े वापस आ जाइए।

Indian kala jadu

You can found many people in India doing the Indian Kala Jadu, some believe it’s a superstition and some practicing it in their daily life. People try this jadu to reduce their worries, troubles and to attain the wealth. You can practice these spells for you interest as well. Mostly Kala Jada is used to hurt someone and to control the person, to fulfill our dreams, to choose the right lottery tickets, to earn money in few time without working hard.

We are just one call away to provide you the desired result by Indian Kala Jadu, you can get back the things you lose in your life and not get success after trying the possible ways. While doing kala jadu you should learn the steps prior and if you want to practice and want to be expert in this you can take our help. We never refuse the proposal of our visitors and try to serve them our best service.

भारतीय काला जादू

आप भारत में कई लोगों को भारतीय काला जादू का उपयोग करते हुए देख सकते हैं। कुछ लोगों का मानना है कि यह महज एक अंधविश्वास है जबकि कुछ लोग बेधड़क इसका इस्तेमाल दैनिक जीवन की क्रियाओं में करते हैं। अधिकांश लोग इसका प्रयोग जीवन की परेशानियों को कम करने और धन प्राप्ति के उद्देश्य से करते हैं। इन क्रियाओं के जरिये आप हर नामुमकिन को भी मुमकिन बना सकते हैं। आप बिना किसी संघर्ष के काफी धन और अपार सफलता प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।

Shohar ko Kabu Karne ka Wazifa +91-9672378978

hohar ko kabu karne ka Wazifa is required in this society at higher rate for those ladies who are targeted of male dominancy, to fight against this unfair on you destiny mean of Dua or some other Amal is required. Wazifa is the one of the trustworthy mean to get your dreams fulfilled and if you are expecting Shohar ko Kabu karne ka Wazifa then without making any delays you can make contact to us, and get that process through which you can get your control over your husband, several time you will be dilemma that whether to go with any magical process or not, it might harm human or not. Not only wazifa but also our astrologers have implemented shohar ko kabu karne ka jadu.

Shohar ko Kabu karne ka Wazifa in Urdu:-

Bismilla hir Rehman nir Raheem

Taking Name of ALLAH,

The Benevolent and the Kind

Salallahu Ale Muhammad

Salallahu Alayahi Wasallam

शौहर को काबू करने व वज़ीफ़ा उर्दू में: –

बिस्मिल्ला हीर रहमान नीर रहीम

अल्लाह का नाम लेते हुए

सलअल्लाहू अले मुहम्मद

सलअल्लाहू अलय्हि वसल्लम

Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal

You don’t have to worry about that Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal is only make to your relationship more stronger, it will never harms on your husband in spite will be granting you the control over him, so that if you are having any kind of problems with him can be able to resolved, whether you are guilty for the troubles in your relationship or not but since you will be having control over him then without any issues you can have him in your life as per you premises.shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa

And also Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal the holy mean is available which is specially designed to protect relationship, If you are feeling inferior in society due to the behavior of your husband, he is not hailing you or might be he is not interested in you, having some extra marital affairs which you are not able to break then but you can make every trouble out of your life by the mean of Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal, for that you only has to mention your request to us, and we will implement the holy mean, the ability we acquire by the benevolence of our ancestors and the Tap we did for a long period, with the only intention to help human in saving their relationship from any kind of danger.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal in Urdu:-

Man Kana Muhammad in Abaa Ahadin

Min rijaalikum Walla Kin Rasool

ALLAHI WA Khatiman Nabiyeena

Be Rehmatikaa Ya Ar Hamar Rahemena

शौहर को काबू करने का अमल उर्दू में: –

मन काना मुहम्मद इन अबा अहदिन

मं रिजालीक्म वाल्ला किन रसूल

अल्लाहि व ख्यातिमान नबीयीन

बे रहमतिका या अर हमर रहिमन

Perform this Wazifa before going to sleep when you are on bed:-

  • Make a resolution.
  • Wherever you go to bed for sleep. It doesn’t matter that your bed sheet, pillow is clean. Begin with recital eleven times of Darwood Sharif. After then recite with ‘Bismilla Sharif.
  • Remember the person for whom you perform Wazifa.
  • This Wazifa must be performed constantly without skipping a single day. You can perform this method for 11 days and better if you make it 21 days for good results.
  • This Amal is miraculous.

Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua

All those wives who are feeling cheated due to the behavior of husbands, or suffering with tortures in relationship due to some external affairs in your relationship then without making any second thoughts you can make contact to us, to protect you from any kind of problems we are always with you with the Holy mean of kisi ko kabu karne ki dua. Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua will be shared to you, which is very simple in implementation and will never allow your husband to go away from you.

Once if you are having your control over your husband then no matter who is willing to trouble you will never dare to impact your life, since you will be having the protection over your relationship by acquiring the Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua and you your husband will be following you not anyone else, whatever the mistake you did or not but your husband will always be having faith on you and always going to support you.

Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua in Urdu: –

Waamina alanasi man yatthakhithu

Min duni Allaahi anadadan yuhiboonahum

kahubi Allahii wallatheena amano ashaddoo

hubban lillahii walav yaraa allathena alamoo

iith yarawnaa alA Athaba anna alquwwataa lillahi

jamee Aan wanna Allha shadedu ala athabi

शौहर को काबू करने की दुआ (उर्दू में): –

वामिन अलणसी मन यातथाखिथु

मं दूनी अल्लाहि अनददन युहीबूनेहम

कहबि अल्लाही वललथिन अमनो अशड्डू

हुब्बान लिल्लाही वाल्व यारा अललथेना अलामू

ईठ यरव्ना अला अथबा अन्ना अलक़ुव्वता लिल्लाहि

जमी आन वांनै अल्लह शड्डू अला आठबी

Dua to make someone love you back +91-9672378978 (khoya huaa pyar wapas paane ka wazifa)



Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

“With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam”

Through Islamic Dua, if you can get your lover very easily, then you should not be disturbed at all and subdue your lover in the manner of the Quran, if anybody’s boyfriend has left someone, someone’s husband Someone wants to divorce, your husband has an , affair with another woman, if you want to get him back, lost love back, get love back, wazifa for love come back,then he can get it very quickly, in a very easy way. New very written in the powerful prayers of the Quran which reads you can get your lover

The one you love, becomes the means of your life. Your spirit joins with it. If you want to marry him and your family does not agree and he leaves you, then you do not have to cry. Now you are unhappy. Now you do not have to be sad. We are ready to help you. He will come back to you in your life, you will solve your problem through the Quran Dua. Through the Qur’an, a person can solve any problem, just man should have faith,
Nothing is impossible if we want anything in Roohani Dua, there is a lot of strength in the world, people can get rid of their problems,

If your husband or boyfriend is trapped in another girl’s heart, someone has locked( bandish) your lover or husband, then you can remove the Islamic duo
How powerful is the black magic, but the black magic from the Quran can be removed in a very easy way.  our prophet Muhammad had become black magic then black magic could happen to anyone but you do not panic at all The solution is Islamic Dua and the Quran can get rid of all these problems,  with the Islamic du’a and the Qur’an. Black magic is also overcome by using an ayatul kursi.

If you have lost your good love due to some misunderstanding and now want to regain it, then Insha Allah Islamic Dua is very powerful. To get back your lost love, we will give you whatever you pray for. Will help you you can actually make the person whom you love towards you and attract him  with the appropriate way and with the source
and permission and with make Allah agree to grab the attentions of the per son you want to attract. Feel free to contact any time as we keep your issues all secure and private.
All solution under the right ways, under the light of Quran. Allah Kareem.

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#Istikhara For #Beauty +91-9672378978

Istikhara For Beauty ,  ” Hi siblings and sisters we are here to examine to think about online Istikhara on the grounds that online Istikhara is the online web gateway. Presently this time, as we are feeling that we are confronting a lot of people more issues in our every day routine life premise. We need to face issue at each venture of our life. In this manner, we need to conclude that we will worry around an issue that is the reason we are here and giving to every one of you sort of data by on the web. On the off chance that you have any sort of issue in your life then you can send us your issues on the given structure. It is our guarantee that we will most likely contact you on the off chance that you are intrigued. There are we have no charge for that structure so please accompanies us and make your life sprightly with us.

Istikhara for Marriage

Istikhara for marriage is the best administration of our organization in light of the fact that we do help of those sort of persons who are not getting marriage at opportune time in their life. We realize that marriage is exceptionally paramount occasion for anybody persons so on the off chance that you have any issue to get marriage then you can utilize Istikhara for marriage administration with us and get an essential marriage in your life at correct time with us by characteristic way.

Dawateislami Istikhara

Dawateislami Istikhara is one of the best administration of Istikhara in light of the fact that in this methodology, we get result at constant so in the event that you need to get quick easing then you can run with Dawateislami Istikhara administration on the grounds that it is solid and most influential administration that can never come up short in view of it has uncommon gifts of Allah. So now, this time the majority of persons are utilizing Dawateislami Istikhara administration. In the event that you are among of them who need prompt result then call us for Dawateislami Istikhara.

Istikhara Method

We realize that you are here on the grounds that you need to think about Istikhara system that is the reason we are here and you don’t have to take load in light of the fact that you are at ideal spot. Moreover, here, you will get right process with methodicallly to know Istikhara technique. In this procedure, we will let you know that how you can utilize this technique for your critical thinking. You simply need to call us or mail us and after it let us know your issue. In the event that our pros observe that you are real and we ought to do help of you then we will doubtlessly help of you without any narrow-mindedness.

Salatul Istikhara

Salatul Istikhara is additionally the piece of supplicate of god. In the event that you need to need of direction on an issue in your life then you can utilize Salatul Istikhara. In this methodology, Muslims recount the Salatul Istikhara and get some information about their disarray that what they ought to do now on this circumstance in light of the fact that they would prefer not to miss their possibility. Commonly, we get perplexity where we couldn’t think precise for yourself and that time we require that individual who can provide for us generally right choice so we take help of god and request to god when we ask from god in light of the fact that god helps us generally without any narrow-mindedness.

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Buri nazar ko khatam karna ka tarika , “Agar kohi kisi dosare admi ki nazar ka shekar ho gaya ho or ishe waja se bamar ho gaya ho to us ko chaheya k apna otara kareen . agar otara nahi kare ga to phir bemare be door nahi hogee agar ho be gai to kafe dhook de kar ya takleefe othana ka baad door ho gee . to kya faida jab Allah ka habib Muhammad salal laho allai wasalam ny hum ko ijazat de ha jar phook karna ki or phir be hum na kareen . ajj ki dunia main pare likha log is ko jahalat or na yaqeen karna wali bateen kehta ha or zada tar doctors to in batoo ko ba bonyad manta ha bar hall agar kohi shaks nazar buri lagna ki waja se bemar ho gaya ho to us ki yeah alamateen hote ha

1 bemar ho jana

2 kamzoor ho jana

3 khana pena ko maan nahi karna

4 ajeeb se halat hona jo na samajh ate ho khod ko

5 pet main dard or dast lag na . ya pet ka phool jana

6 zehan kamzoor ho jana

Buri nazar lagna ka ilaj

Jis shaks ko nazar lag gahe ho us ko chaheya ka wo apni nazar khod otare ya phir kisi se otarwahe . ghost ki dukan se saaf sotara ghost lay la thora sa . agar ghost kharid na ki taquat nahi ha to phir ghost walay ko keh kar ghost k chichara le lay . phir un chiro ko apna upper se 7 dafa ghoma kar apna ghar ki chat pe dal de . kuch he dair ka under kauwa or chil ah kar us ghost ka tookre ko kha jahe gee . sath he main surah falaq or surah nas her namaz k baad 300 dafa pareen yeah amal 3 din tak kareen inshallah 3 din main he tabiyat theek ho jahe gee