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Do you want your ex lover,

boyfriend, wife or husband back. Has your lover left you for someone else and you you want them back? Is he/she under the influence of someone else? Do you worry that when lover has returned your concerned about trust? Is your lover not understanding you or your needs? Or is your family not approving or to keen towards your lover?

Do you suspect your partner/lover

of being unfaithful?or maybe are you being accused of being unfaithful. Your missing the feeling that you had for each other when you first fell in love and want that back?

However, regardless how much you try, you still feel that you have lost and there’s no way to get them back. There are solutions to remove the misunderstanding and discord inorder to return your love back to you.

If you are facing any of these issues, then you can get a powerful quranic dua to get your love back. This includes duas that will save your relationship, also to remove serious obstaclesin your love life. All found within the Qur’an.

dua to get lover return

which will bring lost affection and admiration of your partner. Powerful dua can fulfill your all wishes it can change mind of your partner and you will get yourlover back again in life. As we all know a pure heart is reflection of pure love. Since love is pious fillswith pure feeling it needs understanding and little time. Powerful dua is a source of solving all your love matters, if your love is true it will come to you.Our Molana saleem khan ji isspecialist of all love marriage and broken relationship issues.

These dua will also remove any negative influences that are causing problems for the pair of you. Get in touch.

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