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Love is the best feeling that is created by the God. Married to the one you love is the blessing of Allah. So, get Dua for getting married to the one you love now from our astrologers and live happy life. Getting married to a specific person without any problem is possible by mantras and duas. The whole issues you are facing in this concern will be resolved automatically by our astrology.

For dua to marry someone you love, you have to follow all the procedure provided by our experienced astrologers. You don’t need to think much about it because it is not difficult to implement it in your house. Tell us the name of your true lover and your marriage will be done without any trouble of parents. The most simplest and perfect ways of astrology are provided by our astrologers so that everyone can perform it easily.

Dua for getting married to the one you love in URDU: –




अपने प्यार से शादी करने की उर्दू दुआ (हिंदी में)

लकड़ जा-आकुम रसूलम मं अनफूसिकम

अज़ीज़उन अलैहि माँ अनित्तम हरिसुं

अलैकुम बिलमुमिनीना रॉफ़्फ़ूर रहीम।

Wazifa to bring back lost love

For your lost love you are not able to forget your about him/her, then it will be the end of your suffering. Wazifa to bring back lost love is there for you to get your lost love back in your life within a short span of time, it will be the perfect and simple mean for you to bring lost love back, whether he/she is your ex now, or if you are willing to be in a relationship with him/her. Under the influence Wazifa to bring back lost lovegiven to you, you will very easily getting him or her back in your life. This mean will help you in casting your possession over the victim under the influence of which you will be having him/her in your life as per your premises.

Wazifa to bring back lost love in Urdu: –


प्यार को पाने का उर्दू वज़ीफ़ा (हिंदी में): –

या अल्लाह या रहमान ता रहीम

वज़ीफ़ा को प्रयोग करने की विधि: –

अज़ान-इ-मग़रिब पर अपने मकसद को हासिल करने के लिए ये वज़ीफ़ा पढ़िए और लगातार 3-5 जूम तक इसे कीजिये। अल्लाह जल्द ही आपकी सभी ख्वाहिश पूरी करेंगे।

Getting your ex back with help of Muslim astrologer

Muslim astrologer deals with the moves of stars and planets so that you will be able to predict the status of your ex towards you, you can easily look back in your life to get your ex back by rectifying the mistakes were done in your relationship, by checking the astrology of your fate and you’re of your ex getting your ex back with help of Muslim astrologer will enable you to make your possession over the moves of your stars, and planets. The impact of this mean is powerful that you will be having the ability to direct them for their positions as per your instructions.

Muslim process of getting ex back: –

You will take these things:

  • A fresh piece of lemon
  • A piece of paper
  • A long ribbon

Take a pink piece of paper and after that write the name of your ex-lover along with your name and take a lemon piece and cut that lemon half piece. Fold piece of paper in such a way that name written on it are touching and sandwich them between pieces of lemon. Tied the red long ribbon across the lemon piece to hold all the things together as you are performing this imagine your ex comes back to you by closing your eyes.

How can I get my love back by cast spell that work for love

Spells for love are the best way for any human, if you are looking to have your love with you or you lost your from hands and want to have your love back in your life. One can cast spell by the shortest mean by taking the instructions, so you just make a contact and the best solution of your any troubles.

प्यार को पाने का जादू (उर्दू में): –

या वाजीद या मुजीबु

नोट: – यह एक चमत्कारी अमल है इसे जुम्मे की रत से वशुरु करके इतवार को ख़तम कर दें।