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Important factors that raises hand for Love Marriage

love marriage

Marriages are of two types. One is love marriage and other one is arranged marriage. You must have come across many historical couples who loved each other. Some of them are Romeo and Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Cleopatra and Antony, Tristan and Isolde, Layla – Majnu, Salim and Anarkali etc. These are the couples who loved each other. But, they were not lucky to marry one another. There was a time when society was totally against the love marriage. But today you will come across many couples who used to love each other before marriage. Society has accepted this fact with time. Couples live happily throughout their lives if they get someone whom they loved. Their bond becomes stronger. They know the person from very start. Thus, matching the thought process and wavelength is easy. Arranged marriage are something different then love marriage. You stay with a stranger.

Benefits of Love Marriage

After love marriage you can stay with a known person. He or she is your choice. No one has forced you to get married. There are several rewards of this. Following are the list:

  • You can coordinate well. Couples have better understanding. They know each other well. They are aware of each other’s habit. They can adapt with changes easily.
  • Your selection wins. This is a great achievement for you.
  • Looks is a vital part while choosing partner. Love marriagehelps getting partner as per your suitability.
  • You both can be friends. You know your partner from long. This makes the bond of friendship stronger
  • Knowing each other’s family is a benefit. The girl has to go and stay in boy’s house. It is better to know each other’s family well. This will create a good bond between two families
  • Protection from partner is a benefit. You have to take very vital steps in life. A support and protection is needed. Lonely your loved partner can give you.
  • You get personal care. Everyone wish to get care from someone. But this will be missed in many arranged marriage. Both the partners will care if they love one another.

Love Marriage versus arranged marriage

Arrange marriage is an arrangement where couples don’t meet before marriage. There are many old age families that prevents seeing each other even. Even the couples have never seen each other’s picture. You can say it is trying luck. Sometimes arrange marriage clicks and sometime it don’t. Very lucky people gets this marriage successful . Love marriages are far different. Here you have seen the person before. You spoke to him or her several times. You know the likes and dislikes. You know the thought process of partner. In takes a long time to know each other in arranged marriage. There are news of breakups. But this does not happen with a loved partner. You know each other well. There is no question of parting. You might argue or fight.

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