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Pyar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa

Pyar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa, First of all there is a debate considering the meaning of the word Wazifa in Muslim culture. According to Arabic or Middle East languages’wazifa means to assign. But Urdu or the language in the holy book Koran, Wazifa means using particular phrases/words in a specific utterance to make wish. You can pray or ask something from supreme using this special prayer.



Furthermore Muslim communities face confusion about the usage of Wazifas. According to the Imams if the Wazifas use particular phrases/ recitations from the authentic Suras or verses from Koran then they are permissible. But some famous Wazifas are self- invented and use new words in recitation to fulfill particular wishes. Consequently according to the Muslim holy books these Wazifas are not allowed.

Pyar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa

Furthermore Muslim culture opposes Wazifas as these particular prayers reflect the selfish mind losing the selfless nature of Duas. Therefore you should try Duas instead of Wazifas. But using Verses of Koran for particular wishes with rituals is applicable as another form of Wazifas. So you are looking for love increasing Wazifas.

Probably you want your lost love back. May be you want to tie the knot with your loved one. Wazifas can help you as the best remedies to get love back. But you must avoid improvising the chanting and rituals. It seems like changing the way of communication with the supreme and therefore is always prohibited according to the prophets.

Before you start applying Wazifas for your particular wish you must know the best times for prayer. Muslim prophets indicate some specific time in days and months for prayer. The last third phase of the night is auspicious as supreme light touches the surface of earth brightly during the phase. Another important time is any hour on a Friday.

Pyar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa

You can try the Qadr night famously known as night of Ramjan for prayer also. Furthermore the whole Ramjan month is very auspicious for any kind of prayer. Finally parents are very good for prayers as their wishes for you have the purest nature in the world. According to Koran another best option is the time between afternoons to sunsets. Of course you should not forget specific rituals of the Wazifas.

Wazifas are consisting of specific clauses, names of supreme power and prophets in Islam and other Aulia phrases. The spiritual format of the Wazifas repeatsparticular words which energizes the Aura in human souls. Therefore some Wazifas can disturb your mental forms with negative effects. If you have already tried some powerful Wazifas then you must recite Darood Sharif and stop chanting this prayer. Furthermore you must have proper intension and pure circumstances while chanting the phrases.

The greed inside must not reflect your Wazifas. So you are searching Wazifas for your lost love. You need to follow the given procedure. First of all try cleansing method for your body or Assar. Then sit in the Wuzu pose and put some water in a glass container. Mix some rose Attar in the water.

Pyar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa

Rose is the symbol of everlasting love according all old pagan culture. Now close your both eyes and read Darood Sharif for 100 times. Next drink some of the water and read Wadood dua for 1400 times. This is also a famous Amal to get love back. Probably you are trying to light the love inside his/her heart.

Well you can try some Rumi Wazifas for love initiation. Try reciting 11 times Darood then 770 times of complete Bismillah and end the ritual with 11 times Darood again. But you must do the whole thing in Wudu pose. Furthermore if you complete the ritual properly you may get you signs of success in dreams. Those dreams are peaceful with clear indication of success in your wish.

It seems like your Wazifas is not working. You must do your regular thanksgiving Dua and Assar every day and try again. Furthermore you must not lose faith in almighty. Supreme is the final light in the sea of darkness. Another way to get love back is the use of Sifli Amal. This is the Islamic form of mind control spells/ Vashikaran spells. According to some Muslim prophets Sifli invokes negative spirits like Gins/Ifrits.

Therefore you must take care while applying this particular Amal. Try this after reciting Darood per day while placing an image of your in front of you. Most noteworthy thing is your clear mind and Wudu pose for prayer. Recite Farraduhu dua after the Darood to complete the ceremony.
This Wazifa has same effect for exam success as love is the exam of life made in heaven. Another particular Amal for love is Falaq Surah. According to the Hadith this spell is the recitation of one of the Qul Surah. Try this in a Wudu pose for 99 times daily to increase love in the special one’s heart. The An-Nass Surah can help with same effect also.

Pyar Ko Pane Ka Wazifa

Another famous and effective Wazifa is the recitation of Hasr Surah. Try this recitation for 21 times while holding 7 Cinnamon. Next you should sleep on the night while holding the same in your left hand. Finally mix the Cinnamon dust in the food/drink of your love and offer the same in the next morning.

Love and respect will showers their blessings on your relation. Most noteworthy thing about the Wazifa is its quick response and powerful format. To get old love back try the following especially relevant Wazifa. Chant the four initial letters Of Budoho from the Urdu holy chart for 3100 times daily. The whole process need 40 days and avoids red meat/ intercourse during the time.

To make your place in the heart of your beloved try Husa Mad Wazifa. You need pure Saffron and rose-water in this case. Chant this spell on the 13th full moon day every month while shaking a container full of Saffron mixed rose-water.

Recite your lovers name at the end of each recitation and finish uttering supreme. Offer the same to receive rosy love forever.

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